S.E.A.P. – Società Esercizio Aeroporti Puglia – S.p.A. was established in 1984 to manage Apulia’s airports (Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, and Grottaglie).

In 2006, the company changed its name to AEROPORTI DI PUGLIA S.p.A.

AEROPORTI DI PUGLIA‘s primary purpose is the licensed management of Apulia’s airports. We carry out this activity by planning, developing, and managing the infrastructure for all airport and retail activities.

Therefore, our corporate purpose includes the management of both aviation and non-aviation services.

In particular, aviation activities include the following services:

  • management of central infrastructure; passenger, ramp, and cargo handling services;
  • Ground handling assistance services: currently ADP manages ground handling activities for the majority of carriers operating from Puglia airports;
  • security services: The Company has purchased all the equipment necessary to check all the luggage that goes in the cargo hold, which has been mandatory since January 2003. At the airports of Apulia (Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Grottaglie), departing passengers and those with connecting flights and their hand and checked baggage have been screened since March 2002. The service is outsourced to authorised security firms meeting the requirements established by law and authorised by ENAC;

Non-aviation activities include the following:

  • sub-concessions: sub-concessions mainly refer to car rentals, restaurants, and aircraft fuelling services;
  • advertising space management: ADP is the advertising concessionaire and grants sub-concessions to third parties for advertising space management;
  • management of the paid car park for departing passengers.

The current share capital is equal to EUR 25.822.845,00 almost entirely subscribed by the Apulia Region. Other local and economic authorities hold minority shares. 


Regione Puglia99,595%€25.718.398,00
Camera di Commercio di Taranto0,306%€79.147,00
Città Metropolitanao di Bari0,044%€11.419,0
Amm.ne Comunale di Bari0,031%€7.962,00
Amm.ne Comunale di Brindisi0,009%            €2.430,00
Amm.ne Prov.le di Foggia0,007%€1.723,00
Camera di Commercio di Brindisi0,003%€840,00
Amm.ne Prov.le di Brindisi0,002%€440,00
Camera di Commercio di Lecce0,002%€440,00
Camera di Commercio di Bari0,001%€46,00