This airport manual is a document drawn up by the Airport Operator, in accordance with ENAC-Italian Civil Aviation Authority requirements (Chapter 2 of the “Rules for the construction and management of airports”), and it is subject to ENAC’s approval.

The specifications contained in this manual are a binding reference both for assessing the operator’s suitability for achieving airport certifications, and for all public and private involved in airside operations. 

This Manual contains all the relevant information concerning the safety of aircraft and airside operators.

The specific sections of competence for each airport are accessible by requesting username and password from the airport manager at the following addresses: 

FOR BARI AIRPORT: safetybari@aeroportidipuglia.it 

FOR BRINDISI AIRPORT: safetybrindisi@aeroportidipuglia.it

FOR FOGGIA AIRPORT: safetyfog@aeroportidipuglia.it

FOR GROTTAGLIE AIRPORT: safetytaranto@aeroportidipuglia.it