What may be termed as “artistic contamination” found an ideal location at Apulian airports during the design phase of the “Karol Wojtyla” hub in Bari.

The decision to create a space intended, exclusively, to hold exhibitions, concerts and meetings makes Aeroporti di Puglia one of Apulian’s major art players.

A choice that stems from the idea that airports are no longer anonymous facilities only devoted to departures and arrivals, but rather accessible places, alive and open to fruition.

Subsequent events – the “Horizon” installation by Stephen Antonakos in Bari and “Light Waves” by Carlo Bernardini in Brindisi – were the natural evolution of a process that places Apulian airports in a virtuous circle of cultural and artistic venues. It is not by chance, then, that FAI – the Italian Environment Fund – organized guided tours around the Airport of Bari on the occasion of the 15th edition of its “Spring Days”, a small “masterpiece” of botanical art and contemporary art just like its motto: “Beyond the Clouds … between heaven and earth.”

This was perhaps a risky choice, but it has been well rewarded by a bustling public. For instance, works by maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro are now an integral part of Bari and Brindisi airports, thus proving a process that aims at “artistic contamination”, making Apulian hubs a role model not only for their services, efficiency and quality standards, but also for the ability to meet the need of culture and artistic ferment throughout the vibrant land of Puglia.