Tariff update proposal and  users consultation as part of the annual meeting

Aeroporti di Puglia S.p.A. starts the consultation of the users of the Apulian airport network (Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Grottaglie) regarding the proposal to update the PRM fees relating to the 2023 tariff year, consistently with the current regulation, the EU Regulation n. 1107/2006, the D.M. 107 / T of 25 July 2007 and the ENAC Guidelines of 9 August 2018.

For the annual consultation, Aeroporti di Puglia has unified the calendars of the procedures for updating the fees for the other regulated services, also guaranteeing for the PRM fee what is governed by the aforementioned ENAC Guidelines.

In order to ensure the widest possible comparison, by 1 October 2022 Aeroporti di Puglia will publish on its institutional website www.aeroportidipuglia.it the documentation (also in English) containing the user support information regarding the tariff proposal for the year 2023.

For the consultation of the User on the proposal to update the PRM fees for the 2023 tariff year, Aeroporti di Puglia has defined the following procedural path:

• 1 October 2022 start of the consultation with publication of the relevant information material

• 20 October 2022: deadline for receiving User comments

• 27 October 2022: Public Hearing of Users

More precisely, a public hearing is scheduled for October 27th, 2022 at 12.00 to be held at the registered office of Aeroporti di Puglia – Via E.Ferrari snc – Bari.

Users can participate with the limit of n. 1 representative in attendance and will, however, have the possibility to connect via the web (a link will be provided on request). The designated representative must have the appropriate powers to sign the Minutes of the hearing.

The following will be illustrated during the meeting:

a) analytical prospectus by airport, with final and forecast data;

b) PRM tariff proposal for the year 2023, with evidence of any adjustment relating to previous years;

c) information on the levels of service offered and quality standards, pursuant to Circ. GEN 02 °, with reference to the Quality Plan approved by ENAC;

d) information on the workforce, equipment and infrastructure used for the performance of the service;

e) information on the volumes and types of assistance.

In the public hearing, however, Aeroporti di Puglia will provide complete information on the issues listed above, providing any clarification.

As mentioned above, interested parties may send their comments on the documentation published on the Aeroporti di Puglia website to the following email address ufficioprotocollo@pec.aeroportidipuglia.it. The comments received by 20 October 2022 will be able to be examined and discussed already during the hearing on 27 October 2022.

At the end of the consultation, Aeroporti di Puglia draws up the minutes and transmits them to the users present, the Users Committee, the ART, the carriers’ associations and ENAC.

ENAC will notify the persons responsible in Italy for updating the IATA ticketing systems at the travel ticket sales agencies. ENAC and Aeroporti di Puglia will arrange for publication on their respective institutional websites.

The broadest participation of Users in the consultation launched with this note is hoped for.

All documentation relating to the proposed revision of the PRM Fees for the year 2023 is made available to Users for the entire Consultation period on the website www.aeroportidipuglia.it. Users interested in acquiring information, clarifications, clarifications and / or accessing the documentation regarding the proposed update of the PRM Fees for the year 2023, can use the following instructions:

1. Send an e-mail requesting the Password to access the Reserved area at ufficioprotocollo@pec.aeroportidipuglia.it and psumma@aeroportidipuglia.it and narmenise@aeroportidipuglia.it with the subject “Annual consultation PRM charges for the year 2023 and Attachments ”together with the confidentiality agreement (downloadable below) duly completed and signed;

2. Wait for the transmission by e-mail of the personal credentials to be entered in the appropriate mask of this section to access the documentation (Aeroporti di Puglia SpA reserves the right to deny the sending of the aforementioned access credentials in justified cases, for example Users who cannot be qualified as interested).

We inform you that the contact person for the above activities are Dott. Patrizio Summa psumma@aeroportidipuglia.it ,  Dott. Nicola Armenise narmenise@aeroportidipuglia.it , Ing. Attilio Cucci acucci@aeroportidipuglia.it tel +390805800242.

Confidentiality agreement  – download