The International Airport “Karol Wojtyla” of Bari is an essential asset for the development process of Southern Italy and of Puglia in particular, a region characterized by its striving economic dynamism across the Mediterranean basin.

The current passenger terminal covers an area of about 30,000 sq. over five levels, built according to the highest safety standards and strict operational efficiency regulations, making it one of the most modern structures of the Italian airport system.

In February 2015, the new east wing of the Bari passenger terminal was inaugurated, a top-notch facility of about 13,000 sq., 6 new gates and additional shopping areas.

By expanding its passenger terminal, Bari can cope with an estimated traffic flow of around 8,000,000 passengers per year, 1,600 of which are rush-hour TPHPs (Typical Peak Hours Passengers). With the further implementation of its infrastructure, the Bari airport plays a key role throughout the regional and national airport network. Its inclusion in the National Plan of Airports as a strategic hub for the Mediterranean/Adriatic Basin is a clear recognition of the level of excellence achieved by the structure in terms of infrastructures, quality of services, intermodal and networking connections.

Implemented solutions are aimed at energy saving methods and environmental sustainability through renewable resources, thus reducing energy losses. Among these, it is worth mentioning a centralized domotic control and the introduction of consumption system checks, which ensured low power absorption. Double-layered façade teals, electrical eco-efficient apparels, and integrated photovoltaic panels on roofs and walls complete the picture. Particular attention was also paid to the aesthetic appeal of spaces, by installing typical Apulian iconic landmarks throughout the terminal.

The project is part of a larger intervention of high environmental value across all airports in our network. The green wall that surrounds the terminal is not only an urban enhancement, but rather a symbol of ecological and environmental sensibility of our Region, proving a shared community conscience and the passengers sense for ethics.

The wall is designed to offer a rich floral scenery in every season, believing that such interventions can stimulate the community’s environmental awareness as a symbol of Apulian dynamism.