The ADP Noise System”, monitors noise across the four airports managed by Aeroporti di Puglia: it is an effective and flexible noise pollution management practice, with particular attention to the analysis of aviation noise, also in terms of runway planning and general airport safety.

The architecture of our noise monitoring system is three-tiered:

– The peripheral acquisition system;
– The communication network;
– The central processing system.

1) The peripheral acquisition system 

The peripheral system of acquiring and monitoring noise data in the four airports comprises of fixed and mobile units, including “audio” components. It is implemented thorough a chain measurement procedure (microphone + sound level meter) and a “management” component that processes signals and transmits them to the main server.

Currently, acquisition control units on the four airports are:

Bari: 4 fixed stations

Brindisi: 2 fixed stations

Grottaglie: 2 fixed stations

Foggia: 2 fixed stations

2) The communication network

The monitoring network of the peripheral acquisition system uses ADSL or wireless (GPRS) networks. An Ethernet LAN (residing at Aeroporti di Puglia data processing center) connects the central processing system using cat. 6 UTP cables. Communications between client and server use VPN Internet technology.

3) The central processing system

The central system for processing and archiving of data sent from the external control units, located at Aeroporti di Puglia data processing center, consists of the server noise monitoring system (where the SARA Softech application resides), and the Microsoft SQL Server containing data from individual control units.

The central processing system is currently web accessed, both by the technical management system (ADP and Softech), and also by ARPA Puglia, the Regional Environmental Protection Agency controlling normalized data and querying the system on acoustic events/aeronautics sources correlations.

The normalized data and certificates are publicly accessible from the Aeroporti di Puglia web server, where the Web Studio Lab application ADP NOISE resides, showing:

Historical values of the LVA index (Evaluation Airport Level)
 – Average monthly LVA index for each station;
 – Average quarterly LVA index for each station;
 – Annual value of LVA index (calculated as per law provisions or considering three weeks of heavy traffic across three quarters of the reference year) for each station;

 ECUs acquisition on the four airports
– Measurement stations (information and position control units);
 Aircraft Traffic Data 
– Historical monthly flights for the 4 airports.

 REPORTS AND COMPLAINTS about aircraft noise 
This part is dedicated to managing reports and complaints about aircraft noise, submitted to ADP through a dedicated form. Users have the option to enter their personal details and the reasons for reporting / complaints on aircraft noise.

Warning: Other reports not related to aircraft noise issues MUST be sent to the following email address: cartaservizi@aeroportidipuglia.it

The inserted data are filed for being subsequently appraised by ADP.

ADP will furnish, on the base of the claim related to the noise, the explanations / information in demand.