Living in a working environment where personal relationships are characterized by fairness and mutual respect for the freedom and dignity of a person is the right of all working women and men.

AdP is committed to removing all obstacles towards the implementation of these rights, so as to ensure a workplace in which women and men respect one another’s human integrity. It also guarantees the right to protection from any action or behavior leading to prejudice or discrimination towards Aeroporti di Puglia workers and/or other employees of companies working at Apulian airports.

Any discriminatory and/or vexatious and harassing behavior encompassed by this Code constitutes an intolerable violation of the dignity of workers and employees. Sexual harassment, moral and any other type of discrimination affect the mental and physical health, impair employees’ confidence and mood, also affecting performance.

It is unacceptable that someone taking advantage of her/his hierarchical position may harm others, workers or family members, and no one shall engage in discriminatory acts or behaviors of any kind.

Those who suffer sexual and moral harassment, or undergo discriminatory acts, or are subject to any discriminatory treatment, are entitled to inhibit or terminate harassing conducts, also through procedures deployed by AdP Administration in a timely manner.

Any violation of workers’ dignity, with particular regard to sexual harassment, constitutes an offence punished with disciplinary actions. It is a specific task of the Administration to ensure the protection of the allegedly harassed subject, also through legal counsel assistance (in such a case, the first meeting with a lawyer is free of charge).

No one is allowed to take advantage of her/his position to eliminate or reduce the warranties provided by this code.