The Councillor for Equality is a strategic figure for the implementation of equal treatment in the workplace and to disseminate information on situations of gender imbalance in relation to access to employment, training and working conditions.

Tasks and functions as per Italian Decree No. 198/2006 and integration of Decree No. 5/2010: The Councillor for Equality implements any useful initiative in order to respect the principle of non-discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities for workers performing, with particular regard to:

  1. situations of gender imbalance, so as to promote and guarantee actions against discrimination in the employment and vocational training processes, including professional career progressions, working conditions including salaries, as well as supplementary pension allowance according to legislative decree 5 December 2005, n. 252;
  2. promote positive practices, including the identification of financial resources, at a national and local level;
  3. promote consistent programming in territorial policies, according to EU guidelines and national/regional authorities in the field of equal opportunities;
  4. support active labor market policies, including training, for the promotion and creation of gender equality;
  5. promote the implementation of equal opportunity policies by public and private bodies;
  6. cooperate with regional and provincial labor offices in order to identify effective procedures for detecting infringements of equality laws, disseminate equal opportunities and guarantee people against discrimination, also through the design of appropriate training packages;
  7. disseminate knowledge and exchange of best practices, information activities and cultural education on equal opportunities issues and various forms of discrimination;
  8. verify results of projects implementation and positive actions under Articles 42 – 46;
  9. connect and cooperate with appointed departments to work with local authorities and equality bodies of local authorities.

The Councillor is a “civil servant” and has the obligation to report any violations to judicial authorities.